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Earlier this year, as a delegate of Miss Teen Canada World, I had the opportunity learn about a great new toy company that is taking a different approach to creating the perfect toys! As a Miss Teen Canada World delegate I was required write about a partner of the charity Free the Children, this toy company donates 10 cents from each purchase to this great cause! How perfect that a toy bought for a child on this end of the planet can help a child far away, who by mere stroke of fate is substantially less fortunate. B. Toys is a great company that not only has great heart, but also has great products!

Ayda and Colbie enjoying B.Toys' gifts!

After posting about B. Toys I was contacted by a member of their public relations team, Sarajane, and we began to correspond and bring about ideas on how we can work together. With my mother being the supervisor at the local Best Start Hub, we decided it would be great to bring in some of their toys to share with the kids! The children and staff at the Chapleau Best Start Hub fell in love with the toys instantly and would like to share their extreme thanks to B. Toys!

For those of you who don’t know, B. is a brand-new brand of toys from family-run, Montreal-based manufacturer Battat, Inc., that believes all children of the world deserve a chance at childhood. After decades of making toys, a team of designer-friends at DoodleDo, in partnership with family-run manufacturer Battat, decided it was time for toys that made a difference to the world and the children in it in 2009. With their belief that children are powerful beyond belief they were able to become a corporate partner with Free the Chidlren from the day they founded B. You Toys. Their products are not only unique, but inspirational!

Jordan on the keys!

All of their products are made out of recycled materials, and packaged in reusable bags. They even design their boxes to become pretty trays to hold tiny treasures, make some packages reversible to become giftwrap, and use inks that are soy-based and varnishes that are water-based.

B. Toys started with a collection of their own kids’ quotes and made a pretty little booklet to place in each B.Toys package as a smile for moms and dads. Fortunately, that was only the beginning of the story. With every person who became part of the B. Family, the collection grew.

Their toys hit the shelves and something really magical happened. They started getting quotes from parents who bought and loved our toys. Now they have a website where anyone can share with us and the world the wonderful things their children have said.

You can share your own children’s quotes at Visit their site to get a good laugh and read some of the hilarious quotes. Kids do say the darnest things!

Ava loves B. Toys!

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2 Responses to B. Toys are a Hit!

  1. Trish Hamill says:

    We love the B Toys here at the Chapleau Best Start Hub….thank you B Toys!

  2. Hilary says:

    Those are some cute kids loving those awesome toys! I know mine can’t get enough! I’ll be doing a lot of my holiday shopping with B. Toys. Great product with a great cause – can’t go wrong. Thanks Emma!

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